Shaping the Future of Technology for Businesses & Public Sectors

From ideation to design and prototype to implementation, we help businesses and public sectors to accelerate their growth and modernize their processes.

Who we are

We are researchers, developers, business strategists and hands-on engineers who are on a mission to solve some of the complex problems through lens of technology.

We work together with businesses to identify their core problems and use technology to deploy solutions that changes the landscape of businesses.

Strategy and Design Services

Veritaze can accelerate value realization by identifying digital business transformation opportunities to quickly progress from ideation through to design, prototype and implementation.

Delivering future of Public Services

We bring the sense of expertise and insight to support public infrastructure in applying design thinking to improve outcomes for public and governments.

Software & applications to transform Businesses

Veritaze uses innovative technology to pursue dreams to transform businesses. As a technology and consulting venture, Veritaze aims to channel computational power and design to provide the technological building to businesses.

Research and Solution consulting

At Veritaze we believe we can help create the solution required for businesses and public sectors by providing innovative technological advances and to combat the problems that the businesses currently face. We try to do this by delivering highly efficient software for a range of uses, and through effective business consulting.

We began with research and get onto solution architecture that effectively delivers the result that is intended.

Application architecture, building and delivery

We help assess your needs, create the right technology strategy, develop the business case and provide a roadmap that suits your business needs and requirements.

We work on application architecture for mobile platforms, build it using agility and delivers the solution to achieve target results while ensuring change and security at all levels.

Design oriented solutions

We believe design is a critical element for developing any solution. At Veritaze we focus on working towards design oriented solutions, starts from understanding the problem, brainstorming and creatively use design as a vital element to progress upon solutions.

We start working together with stakeholders and use design thinking to enhance the effectiveness of technological solutions to drive the future of businesses.

Public sector collaboration and future of cities

Veritaze has been using intelligent and innovative technology to pursue our dreams of a better, smarter world. We work along with public sectors to drive initiatives to bring about social, economic and environmental change to cities.

The future of Cities will have advanced economic and social technology, efficient energy consumption, improved public healthcare, and better transportation systems – to name just a few!

Join us

At Veritaze we’re building solutions that drives the businesses and public sectors forward. Our team is pushing boundaries in every aspect of technology, and we’re looking for talented and inspired engineers to join us.

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Let's move forward and speak!

Partner with us to apply new technology to address some of your biggest business challenges and opportunities, helping you grow your core business and build new solutions with innovation, design and agility. As your partner, we start with a technology and ecosystem strategy to build a foundation, then we develop the solution that integrates in your business processes.

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